About Me


My name is Jessica, I'm 26 years old and I'm a millennial.

I'm at that wonderful stage in life where half my friends have successful careers, are engaged/married and have started breeding, whereas the other half are living the fun lifestyle of those free of any major responsibilities, they're jet setting, going to clubs and whatever else cool people get up to nowadays.

The demographic cohort I'm a part of has single-handedly 'ruined' the diamond industry, golf, handshakes (really?!) The Canadian tourism industry and of course, the housing market.

All because we love avocado toast so much.

Just for the record, I'm allergic to avocado and have a gluten intolerance.

Yet, here I am, living in a very 'cosy' flat above shops. Surely having no avocado toast in my life should leave me financially in a good position, good enough to own a home, right?

Wrong. Thanks to sweet, sweet (and quite recent) unemployment.

Now I present to you the kind of millennial I am. Now we enter the territory I like to call 'Schrödinger's Millennial' in which I'm in a state of constant flux. I'm both under qualified and over experienced.

*Heavy Sarcasm

It's really great!   

So join me, an absolute hot mess who's attempting to make my own way. Trying quite desperately to create something I can be proud of and maybe even one day, be my own boss.

Follow the ups, downs and everything in between. 

I promise I'll try to keep you entertained! 


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