Social Media Management 

Through sheer dumb luck I've recently stumbled into the world of Social Media Management. It all started by helping an actor I know, he had all these social media accounts and wasn't too sure how to use them to his advantage. I gave a few helpful tips and he saw results right away. From there we created an actors page for him on Facebook, I showed him ways he could gain new followers and it progressed for there. At this point in time I co-manage all of his social media accounts with him.


More recently I have joined an indie film project as both their on set photographer and social media manager. It's all very exciting and it's such a great project to be part of!

I can't wait to share all our on set antics and behind the scenes news with you.

I'm always happy to chat with those in need of help. If you're keen to get more of a following, want to promote a project you're working on or are at the very beginning of your social media journey and need assistance with getting things set up, then please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I can!